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I’m Elina O Vincent,

lifestyle strategist,  breathwork coach,

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release facilitator,

and a mystic at heart.

I believe that we all were born to be sovereign, free, and powerful.

I’m here to guide you on the path of self-discovery, so you can regain your sovereign, magnetic, authentic potential, and expression.

I have created a holistic approach, born from years of research, study, and experience.

My heart-felt desire is to support you to meet the empowered version of yourself. You are not defined in an unchangeable form by your past, nor your story, nor your trauma, nor the current situation, fears, and uncertainties!

You have unlimited unique potential available to you, and I’m here to guide you to uncover it. Let’s be honest, the change starts from within. 

Are you ready for a journey towards vibrancy, wellbeing, and expansiveness?

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Deep Feminine Retreat

Tulum, Mexico 10 -14 November 2022

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